We are not too sure where the time has gone, but in the last few newsletters, we have gone around each and every room and introduced every member of our team.

So, we are back to babies and this time we want to share what we get up to on a usual day.

Many parents wonder what the routine looks like in the baby room, so we would like to share that with you now.

The routine is never set in stone and we are very flexible with each baby in our care. If they nap or have bottles at certain times, we can amend the day for their comfort.

In our baby room, no two days are the same when it comes to the toys and activities we get up to.

Recently we have been enjoying lots of messy play sessions and crafts with our babies, including making Mother’s Day cards.  I think the carers enjoyed it as much as the babies did with lots of creative creations and paint splashes being made.

Our baby room is always kept as a stimulating, bright and welcoming space so any baby feels comfortable and relaxed in our setting.

The team in our baby room, if you are yet to meet them, is Lauren Griffiths and Jemma O’Hare. All have experience in nurturing the very youngest children in our nursery.

Lauren and Jemma have all been long-standing members of the team with Lauren have been with us very nearly 12 years and Jemma 11 Years.

If you wish to know any more about our team in this room, please pop your head in and ask away next time you are in.

If you have any concerns or want to know more about your child’s key worker, or room – you can contact Ian on hello@firststepspoynton.co.uk or call 01625 859867.