Well, we all feel like February has flown by! As they say though, time flies when you’re having fun, we’ve had lots this month.

To celebrate Pancake Day, the older children made their own pancake mix with guidance from our team and then enjoyed them later in the day. Whereas the younger children enjoyed pancakes with sweet toppings as one of their puddings.

The children enjoyed lots of arts and crafts around Valentine’s day this year, and those that were in on the day itself were sent home with their own card creations – we hope you loved yours. We certainly felt love was in the air whilst making them.

Valentine’s week was a busy one, as we also had another wonderful visit from Dental Playbox. They once again spoke with the children about everything dental, in way of educating them on what’s needed to have healthy teeth.

Their visit was as fun as always, the children did lots of role play, performed with puppets and left with a chart to fill in to try and ensure their teeth are brushed twice a day for the guided two minutes. If your child completes the chart – please do bring it back in, as they will receive a special certificate.

We hope you all noticed the bright and colourful decorations that were put up for Chinese New Year. The children and our team saw in the year of the dog with lots of crafts, food tasting, fortune cookies, books and even videos to help teach the children more about Chinese culture and the yearly celebration. We did notice that the children enjoyed playing with the noodles more than eating them for their lunch though!

Our theme of ‘Shapes and Myself’ continues into the start of March, with all ages carrying on learning about what is needed to remain healthy and exploring lots of different shapes.