Each month we throw the spotlight on a different room within the nursery to give you a better understanding of how we tailor our educational offering according to age group. In October, it’s the turn of the Pre School room.

The school year before your children start school is when your child will start the Pre School room where all of our activities are carefully planned to help prepare them for school. Tina Woodward and Julie Hassell look after the children in this room, they’re both Early Years Development specialists and have years of experience working with children of this age.

Key objectives for our pre-schoolers are to increase confidence, encourage independence and understand the importance of taking turns and cooperating with others.  Our educational activities and resources support the children with language development, creativity and mathematical concepts.  Regular physical activities develop their fine and gross motor skills.  It’s also where we begin to introduce a little bit more structure to the day to get children ready for what’s expected in the routine of a school day.

Our pre school children enjoy a weekly French class from a qualified language teacher, which is now free of charge.  Not only are they learning a skill for life, but studies have shown that children who learn another language at an early age learn faster, have improved creativity and are more open-minded as they grow.

Something we’re always asked about in the Pre School room is what parents can do at home to ease the transition to school. There are some really practical things that will help them to be more independent such as getting themselves dressed, putting their own shoes on, hanging up their coat or bag and using a knife and fork.

First Steps works closely with all local primary schools, so when the time comes, we’ll organise visits and support you, to ensure children comfortable and confident starting school.