In this month’s newsletter, we get to know a little more about Charlotte Holt – our in-house cook and housekeeper.

First Steps would be really lost without Charlotte, as well as very hungry! Charlotte not only whisks up our delicious homecooked menu but also helps keep everything in order.

We always encourage healthy eating and our menus, which Charlotte creates, rotate on a four-weekly cycle, so all children have a balanced and varied diet. Charlotte takes her time to make every lunch and tea time matter, by cooking all meals from scratch using fresh produce and each meal includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

With the children working hard in our garden the last month or so – we have already used some of their produce in our meals – a real farm to fork experience.

We know what children eat is really important to parents, so Charlotte ensures that every dietary requirement is accommodated with vegetarian options, as well as allergy specific foods, created daily.

When the fresh meals are delivered, our team is dedicated to helping the children learn from an early age to feed themselves independently. Hygiene and table manners are an important part of the mealtime routine and as much as we like the children to enjoy their food, we promote sitting in smaller groups to make the development of interaction and social skills easier.

All our current menus can be found on our dedicated ‘Menu’ page here: If you would like any more information or have any questions about our food, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team

or, contact Ian on or call 01625 859867.