We announced in last month’s newsletter the new layout of all of our rooms. If you did miss this you can catch up here: https://firststepspoynton.co.uk/first-steps-family-new-room-layout/

This month we wanted to talk more about our newest room here at First Steps – the Tiddler room, which is dedicated to caring for our children aged 18months – 24 months.

We found that we had lots of new children joining us at this age range and wanted to ensure we gave them, and our babies who have suddenly grown in front of our eyes, the level of care they need. So, our newly established team consists of our First Steps Family – Taylor Moore, Joanna Taylor and Amy Blaikie.

All of our team hold their NVQ 3 qualification in Child Development or are working towards this,  and their current paediatric first aid certificates and are trained in safeguarding to ensure they offer the very best care.

A day in the Tiddler room is full of laughter, play and rests when needed. Most of our Tiddlers still enjoy their naps, so we plan their activities carefully to ensure they enjoy them to their best ability.

At this age, children can start to show lots of emotions, from pure happiness to real tantrum sadness, the team at First Steps are here to help your little ones feel secure as they grow.

We often see peaks in separation anxiety at 18 months, so please let us know if we need to help with this in drop-offs and pick-ups.

We also start to hear lots more words from our children at this age, normally 1-2 new ones a week, so we do lots of activities and learning play to encourage babblings to become words.

Our activities, crafts and games are all focused on ensuring your child feels independent and confident in what they are doing as they start to make real friends here with us.

If you have any concerns or want to know more about what a day is like in Tiddlers – you can contact Ian on hello@firststepspoynton.co.uk or call 01625 859867.