Last month we chatted about our Tweenies. But, very quickly this age groups is that bit older and moving into our Tiddler room.

Our lovely and talented Tiddler team look after children aged around 18 to 24 months. From when your child is becoming more independent and we encourage them to start making their own choices. The team which consists of Claire Torbitt, Taylor Moore and Amy Blaikie who look after the little ones in their next part of the First Steps journey

In the ‘Tiddlers’ room, we aim to provide children with a stimulating, fun and playful start to their educational life. Our age-appropriate methods will help toddlers develop their natural instincts and encourage them to try and do things for themselves.

Two of our Tiddler’s team hold their NVQ 3 qualification in Child Development and one is working towards their level 3, and all have their current paediatric first aid certificates and are trained in safeguarding to ensure they offer the very best care.

In Tiddlers, we really get to see children’s personalities beginning to shine as they edge further towards their second birthday.

Many of the favourite activities in the Tiddler room consist of construction play, messy play and imaginative play. We do allow the Tiddlers to have some ‘say so’ and they help shape and develop our activities – ensuring each child thoroughly enjoys their day with us.

In this room, we often get asked about sleep and day naps – we always want to assure parents that we can work around their child’s routine. Some children still very much need their day nap to enjoy their afternoons with us, others are starting to wind down their naps as sleeping at night is being affected – so please just talk to us and we can work with you.

We also see in this age group that food and exploring taste and textures is fun and exciting. We often also see parents are worried about ‘fussy phases’ when it comes to food. Again, please just speak to our team and your child’s assigned key worker – we offer a great range of foods here at First Steps and can work with you to improve diet and eating habits.

We always try and make our Tiddlers room a home from home environment where little ones can feel nurtured and loved. As they move into turning two, we provide them with constant support and care as they begin to become more emotional and vocal. We use songs, stories and group time to encourage speech development also.

If you have any concerns or want to know more about your child’s key worker, or room – you can contact Ian on or call 01625 859867.