Toddler years are some of the most important years of a child’s life; they begin to walk; they begin to develop speech and it is when the personality of your little one really starts to develop. That’s why here at First Steps, we have our own dedicated Toddler Room for all our little ones of this age.

Our Toddler Room provides a sensory, stimulating and playful start to their educational life. We are very focused on the individual needs of each child and want to work on a personal level with the families to help the child become more independent and hit milestones such as potty training and handwashing with ease. We are extremely proud of our Toddler Room and when finishing their journey in the Toddler Room, children are well prepared for the next stage of their journey through First Steps.

For those of you with children currently in the Toddlers Room, you may have seen a new face milling around. Zoe joined our team a few weeks ago after her time spent with us as a student and she is now fully qualified and we are welcoming her into our Toddler team, We have been really impressed with Zoe and invite you to say hello to her next time you pop by the Toddlers Room!

With the theme this month being animals, we have had a special emphasis on getting the children to sound out certain sounds in order to improve their speaking skills and widen their vocabulary. For example, taking the animal ‘cat’ and getting the children to sound out other words that end in ‘-at’. At the end of these activities, the children are able to tell us what their favourite animal is, point out a picture of the animal and also make the sound that the animal makes.

If you have any concerns or want to know more about your child’s key worker, or room – you can contact Ian on or call 01625 859867.