This month we wanted to talk more about our Early Years room.

In Early Years your child will be supported and cared for by the team of Imogen, Sally, Laura and Charlotte – but Charlotte will be replaced with Joanna in the new year as we wave charlotte off on maternity leave round two.

In Early Years we always encourage all the children to make more decisions with a variety of free choice activities and toys to choose from. The will become more involved in the daily routine and give ideas of what they would like to do in their nursery day.

We work alongside our girls and boys to expand their vocabulary and learning, whilst combining all the skills they have gained since entering First Steps. They are encouraged to participate in a mixture of structured activities from creative paintings, to messy games and to explore and investigate at every opportunity alongside using tools and equipment themselves.

Around the age of two children’s language skills develop at a very fast rate. To support our children’s communication & language development we provide them with group sessions with their key worker on a daily basis. For children who need extra support with their language, we can spend a little more time with them helping them pick up new words across their days with us.

However independent and active our Early Years are, they will sometimes need a rest or just a cuddle, our team are always on hand to provide this and if they still wish to do so, the children can sleep in a restful environment after their lunchtime meal.

Many parents feel that at this age their children are ready to begin toilet training. We will happily help parents by continuing their method that they are using at home. It is advisable at this stage to bring in plenty of changes of clothing and please do spend time with us explaining your routine and keep us up to date on how you’re getting on. We will do all we can to help your child grow and flourish at using the toilet independently.

Our Early Years rooms are where we often see children really showcase their personalities and make life-long friends here on their journey up to school age.

If you have any concerns or want to know more about what a day is like in Early Years  – you can contact Ian on or call 01625 859867