This month we wanted to talk more about our Toddler Room, which is run by Carla Cotterill, Claire Torbitt and Tracey O’Hare.

No two days are the same in this room, as all families will know, Toddlers are full of energy and need lots of structure and entertainment throughout a day.

Here at First Steps our ethos is nurturing children through family values and encouraging learning through play. The daily routine is structured around the Early Years Framework and includes a wide variety of activities, games and playtime that encourages and supports their learning and development.

A big part of being a toddler involves learning to care for themselves and become more independent. We place emphasis on this, assisting the children in learning to dress themselves, wipe their own noses, wash their hands and faces, use the toilet/potty (if ready to) and to keep track of their personal belongings.  This takes up some of the time during the child’s day and it is definitely a very important part of our curriculum.

Everything in our room is designed to meet the specific needs of young children in terms of the development of receptive and expressive language and communication skills, gross and fine motor skills.

We love to do messy play with our children and it’s no different in our Toddler room. From pasta to paints, they can explore different textures and colours as they learn. We also focus on aiding the children’s speech, with lots of reading, songs, rhymes and fun games.

As well as having access to their own room, the children are also encouraged to take learning opportunities in our spacious outside area. They can learn lots about the world around them as they enjoy the fresh air. Even in the colder months we still like to take the children outside to play. We make sure we make use of the changes of weather to learn new things, such as Jack Frost and how icicles are made.

If you have any concerns or want to know more about what a day is like in Toddlers – you can contact Ian on or call 01625 859867.