In our second newsletter, we are pleased to talk a little more about our Tweenies team. Our lovely and talented Tweenies team look after children aged around 14 to 22 months. From when walking is established, the team which consists of Claire Torbitt, Joanna Taylor and Amy Blaikie look after the little ones in their next step of the First Steps journey.

Claire has been part of our family for two years, with Joanna being a familiar face for many years in her volunteering, but became employed last year at a similar time to our Amy.

Both Claire and Joanna hold their NVQ 3 qualification in Child Development, with Amy finalising her qualification as we speak. All are trained in safeguarding to ensure they offer the very best care and both Claire and Joanna have their current paediatric first aid certificates, with Amy achieving hers in the new year.

In Tweenies, children start to become independent, as their language and curiosity develops, so they are met with a wide variety of toys and activities to help them learn to become more confident. So, a day in this room is often action-packed, before a quieter time after lunch where the children will sleep in our restful environment. Then again once they wake a busy afternoon lies ahead.