And that’s the summer holidays started! It only feels like we were wishing all of our families happy New Year two minutes ago. As the schools are officially now on holiday, the summer chaos gets in full swing.

Here at First Steps, we have embraced the sunny weather with more hours spent outside than we can ever remember. From water-play to building dens to activities in the shade we have spent the last month laughing, playing and embracing all the sunshine.

Towards the end of the month, our Butterfly Project came to an end. Our older children have thoroughly enjoyed watching our eggs turn into caterpillars, then into chrysalis’, then finally into beautiful butterflies. The children have nurtured them into their final stages and waved them off into freedom as we released all five just last week.

July has also seen many stories, postcards, anecdotes and toys brought in from all the wonderful holidays our children have been on. We have loved hearing about their adventures and all about the different places and cultures in the world they have experienced.

With holidays being such a great theme, we have been exploring languages across the month too – many of our children can now say ‘hola’ as we have explored Spain and its interesting and historic culture.

I don’t think anybody escaped the world cup, so we made sure the children had some crafty-fun. Our impressive wall display really shows the hard work and creativity of our children, they really did enjoy making it.

As we are now in summer holidays we would like to remind parents of our wrap around care options and Steps Kids holiday club. Please do get in touch with us if we can help you in anyway, even if it is last minute – we are always here to help!