Life as a toddler is so much fun and the days in our Tweenie room are just that!

Many parents wonder what the routine looks like in the Tweenie room and also how we support our toddlers in the many development leaps they make at this age.

The routine is never set in stone and we are very flexible with each toddler in our care. If they nap or have certain individual routines, we always work around them, so they feel completely at home with us.  Here is an example of the routine:

In our Toddler room, no two days are the same when it comes to the toys and activities we get up to.

Recently we have been enjoying lots of messy play sessions, exploring our play area with all this sunshine and embracing our theme of holidays and different cultures.

Our Tweenie room is always kept as a stimulating, bright and fast-paced environment so our little ones are never bored.

The team in our Tweenie room, if you are yet to meet them all, is Joanna Taylor, Amy Blaikie and Claire Torbitt.

Claire has been part of our family for two years, with Joanna being a familiar face for many years in her volunteering but became employed last year at a similar time to our Amy.

All three of our lovely ladies hold their NVQ 3 qualification in Child Development and have their current paediatric first aid certificates and are trained in safeguarding to ensure they offer the very best care.

If you wish to know any more about our team in this room, please pop your head in and ask away next time you are in.

If you would like any more information or have any questions about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team

or, contact Ian on or call 01625 859867.