From:  Julie Hassell – Preschool

Tip: Preparing your child for primary school

Transitioning from pre-school to school is a stressful time for both your child and for you as their parent but there are a few things that you can do to prepare for this to help make it as stress-free as possible.

  • When your child starts school in September, they will be expected to know the basics of looking after themselves ie. being able to tackle buttons, zips and taking off/putting on jackets. Encourage your child to dress on their own over the summer holidays to refine these motor skills so that they won’t require any extra assistance when they get to school. They should also know how to independently eat using the correct cutlery and should be able to go to the toilet without help.
  • A lot of children have anxieties about going into an environment where there are so many unfamiliar faces. Having friends is hugely beneficial for children and your children will already be proficient in socialising through their time here at First Steps. Throughout the summer holidays, try to keep their social lives active! Encourage your child to talk to other children at the local park or invite young friends over for playdates. Hopefully this way, they will have no problem going into school in September and making lots of new friends.
  • Your child’s speaking and listening skills need to be well developed to be adapted to school life. They will be expected to listen to their teacher without interrupting them and will also be expected to answer when they are spoken to. Encourage family discussions at home, perhaps around the dinner table. Take it turns to listen and to speak and encourage your child to not talk over others.
  • Some children will already be able to read and write simple words, such as their name, by the time they start reception; others will be new learners. It will be important, however, that your child is able to recognise their own name in written form so that they can pick up the correct name-labelled uniform/jacket, find their own drawer in the classroom etc. With your child, explore what the letters in their name look like and help them to try to write their own name too.
  • Children’s thoughts about school can vary enormously. Some can hardly wait to start, while some find it stressful to leave their parents for the day. Start helping your child look forward to school by talking enthusiastically about it now. Ask engaging questions about what the differences are between pre-school and primary school and what they are most excited for.

Follow this link to a resource that we have created for you to go through with your child over the summer holiday to help prepare them for the big move up to primary school.

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