Bedtime Hacks for When the Clocks Change

When the lighter evenings arrive, it’s sometimes hard to get your little ones to go to sleep. The change in routine and the fact that it’s not dark outside can be confusing for little ones. Here are some simple tips from Zoe Killis in our Tiddlers room that you can make your bedtime routine run as smoothly as possible.

Be Stealthy

Instead of jumping back by a whole hour, try to move bedtime by just a few minutes each night in the run up to the clock change. This way, they won’t even notice the difference, and it will feel completely natural when you put them to bed. Don’t forget to change meal and bath time too.

Routine is Key

Sticking to a routine is the ultimate recipe for success when it comes to bedtime. By doing the same things each night, your child will know that it’s time to go to sleep and shouldn’t argue, even if it’s still light outside.

Make it Dark

If the extra hour of daylight is an issue that can’t be ignored by your child, invest in some black out blinds for their room. This way, they won’t be distracted by the sunlight and might even stay in bed for a few more precious minutes in the mornings too!

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