As we are now in the early days of May we’re now moving onto our theme of transport, numbers and road safety. We also have some exciting news, we are adding to the theme this month, after listening and watching our Dinosaur-mad children.

Yes, that’s right, all the children will be learning, playing and having fun with dinosaurs in May here at First Steps. The team can’t wait to finally know our Apatosaurus from our Allosaurus.

We will be doing lots of crafts, activities, stories and playing as part of this theme.

Once again, when we focus on road safety, we will be talking to the children about how to be safe outdoors and around traffic. We hope to have another visit from the PCSO too, which always goes down well with the older children.

In the last month, all children have now be allocated a school – how exciting! We are now in the process of preparing the children for their adventures ahead. All parents and children will be offered a meeting with Tina in May to discuss transitions and how to get all of you ready for pastures new. We will also be sharing with you some dates, as soon as we know them, for when all the local primary school teachers will pop in and meet their new classes.

We would really like to stress to all parents of the pre-schoolers that our before and after school club is getting very busy. So please, plan ahead to not be disappointed.

We hope you all have a wonderful month ahead – and as always if you have anything at all you want to discuss with us just ask any team member or contact Ian on or call 01625 859867.