Being at First Steps

Every day in a child’s life matters and we endeavour to make it a memorable one.

We believe each child deserves a magical start to nursery life whatever age they first arrive at First Steps. So, we provide lots of fun, yet structured activities, designed to stimulate a child’s enthusiasm to learn. We have a vast selection of resources, toys and inclusive creative activities to enable every child to develop and flourish.

Whilst attending First Steps, children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the current statutory standards and learning framework for children from birth to 5 years.

Your child’s development is monitored and recorded by your child’s dedicated ‘key person’. This involves the completion of on-going observational assessments which are shared with parents throughout the nursery journey.

We make sure your child is in an environment suited to their level of development or need. So, your child will only move when they are ready. The ages listed are a guide only.


3 months-14 months

Our baby room is a stimulating, bright and welcoming space designed to meet the specific needs of young babies. In ‘Babies’ we work around each infant’s routine and provide different activities to stimulate their young minds.

We have designated staff that have experience in nurturing the very youngest children in our nursery and will put every single parent at ease, even on their very first day. We make sure each individual baby gets the special care and attention they need in their first year.


14-24 months

Your child is now moving around and exploring their environment more, so a day in the ‘Tweenies’ room is full of fun. In ‘Tweenies’ children start to become independent, as their language and curiosity develops, so they are met with a wide variety of toys and activities to help them learn to become more confident.

After their lunchtime meal, the children will sleep in a restful environment, supervised by staff in preparation for the busy afternoon that lies ahead. But we can cater to each child’s individual needs and sleep routines.

‘Early Years’

2  – 3 (approx.)

In ‘Early Years’ your child will be encouraged to make more decisions with a variety of free choice activities and toys to choose from. The children become more involved in the daily routine and give ideas of what they would like to do in their nursery day.

We work alongside your child to expand their vocabulary and learning, whilst combining all the skills they have gained since entering First Steps. They are encouraged to participate in a mixture of structured activities from creative paintings, to messy games and to explore and investigate at every opportunity alongside using tools and equipment themselves.

If they still wish to do so, the children can sleep in a restful environment after their lunchtime meal.

Sensory Room’

2  – 3 (approx.)

In addition to the children’s base rooms we also have a fun and stimulating sensory riim for children of all ages to enjoy’.


3 ½ -5 years

In ‘Pre-School’ your child is encouraged to learn and develop in a welcoming, stimulating and fun environment before their transition into school. We encourage them to co-operate with one another, make friends, share own experiences and take turns. We also supply ample activities and resources, such as different educational programmes and games on ICT to ensure language development, creativity and growth of mathematical concepts.

We provide a dedicated learning environment so each child makes steady progress towards the Early Learning Goals which are part of the Early Years Foundation Framework

From an early age, children are encouraged to learn about other cultures and this ethos of diversity and equality is promoted throughout the nursery.

All our activities are carefully planned by our team all of whom are qualified in Early Years Development, and inspected by OFSTED to ensure the effectiveness of our teaching.


We encourage healthy eating and our menus, which rotate on a four-weekly cycle, ensure that all our children have a balanced and varied diet. Meals are al prepared in-house using fresh produce and each meal includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

A vegetarian option is always available and we have experience in dealing with food allergies and other special dietary requirements.

Children learn from an early age to feed themselves independently. Hygiene and table manners are an important part of the meal time routine and children learn to sit in small groups which promotes interaction and development of social skills.

Baby and Tweenie Garden

As well as our light and spacious rooms with quiet cosy corners and bright active spaces we also have an outside area waiting to be explored.

Children love to play outside and at First steps we have plenty of outdoor space filled with toys and activities for the children to enjoy. The garden is split into separate areas so different age groups can play outside at the same time.

Children will go outside several times each day, we try not to let the weather keep us inside either, with us venturing out in all weather conditions.

We always ensure all of our children are prepared for the fun here at First Steps, by asking parents to provide coats, gloves, hats and wellies in the winter and sun hats, sun cream etc in the summer months.

Our ‘Tweenie’ and ‘Toddler’ garden has a child friendly artificial grass area so children can play outside safely all throughout the year

We also like to let our children explore and learn about gardening, with yearly activies such as planting seeds and growing cress.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Taylor while he has been with you.

He has really enjoyed every minute with you and made some great friends too.

He has come on so well over the past year and overcome a lot

and most of this is down to you especially Tina, Sally, Sophie, Ian and Jemma.