We announced in the last newsletter that our new room was set to open – it is now officially open, it’s already had lots of fingers and toes exploring it.

The room is full of toys, activities, games, sensory play items and bits and bobs for messy play, as well as the necessities such as cots for the children to take their naps in.

The room will share First Steps team members from the baby room, so Elizabeth, Sophie and Lauren will be working on rotation. Our children over the age of 12 months and younger than 18 months will have the delight of using both rooms in their sessions.

Ian will be in touch with all parents whose children will be involved in this new change and as a note, any changes in keyworkers parents will be informed. We hope everyone is as excited as we are to have more space and flexibility in our care for these key age groups and as always, we continue to make sure we are giving our children the best environments to thrive.

Please see a picture of the new room, but also pop your head in for a look when you’ re next in.